Why authenticity matters

(post by Andrew Thorp)

I heard a wonderful story last week from a woman who promotes the importance of getting first aid trained. A few years ago she was at the local leisure centre, swimming with her husband and 2 children. Everyone was having fun until her husband complained of feeling unwell and said he wanted to get out. After he’d hauled himself out of the water the lifeguard came over, sat him on a chair, asked him a few questions then immediately called for an ambulance. It turned out the man had had a heart attack.

Everything turned out fine in the end, but after the incident his wife reflected on how useless she’d felt at the time. It was only because the lifeguard had been trained to spot the signals that the right action had been taken and her husband’s life had, very possibly, been saved.

So she resolved to get first-aid trained herself and she’s subsequently saved the life of another as a result of her knowledge and skills.

She’s a great advocate of first aid training, but it’s her story that makes people take notice and take action. It shows WHY she believes in what she’s saying and it makes it all the more compelling.

This is a wonderful lesson for anyone looking to persuade and influence others. If your message is authentic, if it’s been borne of a genuine experience, people are more likely to buy you and what you have to say.

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