Storytelling comes to BAFTA, mojo-style (part 1)

(post by Andrew Thorp)

I was privileged recently to speak at the International Referral Conference in London, and given my long-standing interest in cinema and storytelling, it was wonderful that the event was held at BAFTA – the British Academy of Film, Television & Arts!

I’ve split the presentation into 3 chunks, highlighting certain themes in each so you can select what might interest you most. The theme of the conference was ‘Dare, Dream, Do & Deliver’, a suitably stirring title for a most inspiring location. The audience? Mostly accountants and lawyers from around the world.

In this 1st section, I explain:

  • why we based our business message around the word ‘mojo’,
  • why it’s so hard these days to get heard with a conventional marketing message,
  • how ‘frequency marketing’ finds its natural audience, and
  • why it’s so important to communicate WHO YOU ARE rather than simply what you do.

To view the rest of the presentation, click below for:

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