Our approach

SoM for WPGenerally speaking, people are uncomfortable when they’re asked to sell something in a pushy, in-your-face way. And pretty much everyone hates it being done to them!

The School of Mojo was created to help those who would not describe themselves as ‘natural salespeople’ to be more confident and persuasive communicators. Its aim is to help people promote their ideas in a more consultative manner.  It’s a form of ‘soft persuasion’, something author Daniel Pink refers to as the art of moving people.

If your message is bland, hard to understand or seems irrelevant, that’s no good. If the person delivering it isn’t confident, credible or likeable that’s a problem too.

In our programmes and events we focus on the 3 M’s:


Do you have something to say that’s really worth listening to? If not, you’re going to struggle in what is a very noisy world. We help you to craft a compelling story about your business or idea, something which connects with your audience and draws in opportunities.


There’s a saying in business that “people buy people”, so if you subscribe to that principle it’s critical that your representatives sell themselves. After all, your message (and your product) is wrapped up in the people promoting it.

Al Elliott speaks at BGMWe also live in a world where knowledge is cheap and there’s less of a premium on simply ‘knowing stuff’. This means that people who have traditionally relied on ‘niche expertise’ (like lawyers, accountants, technicians, etc) are now having to develop distinctly ‘human’ skills like the ability to influence and persuade others, to be creative and adaptable. What matters in the 21st century is HOW we deliver our expertise.


The key to success is getting other people to spread your story for you. When you leave a positive footprint wherever you go you start to build a tribe of supporters. We explore how to build that network of fans and, where applicable, this includes winning over your own employees.

The Mojo factor

There’s a fourth ‘M’ too – Mojo.  It’s not easy to succeed in business and no matter how good your message and your skill in delivering it, you have to deal with rejection and the inevitable ‘curved ball which comes your way. With the help of your coach and fellow participants, the School serves as a ‘refuelling station’, a place to top up on energy, confidence and inspiration. Passion sells!

This is why we focus on communication in the School of Mojo – what we say, how we say it and our ability to adapt to different situations and remain buoyant really matters.

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