School of Mojo

BGM group discussion3The School of Mojo is a personal development concept which focuses on the way we sell our ideas to others. It’s about developing confidence and influencing skills and applying them in critical situations - finding your communication mojo!

The School of Mojo is designed for:

> Anyone selling a product or service.
> Anyone selling themselves in the jobs market.
> Anyone wishing to be a more confident communicator.

How does the school work?
The School of Mojo comprises 3 main elements:

> Regular meetups in North West England.
> An online LinkedIn group.
> Personalised coaching, training and consultancy.

School of Mojo Meetups
These are regular meetings of like-minded people who want to know more about how to promote a product, service and of course themselves. These events are an opportunity to showcase and test-drive some communication techniques:

Presentation skills & public speaking, successful networking, the art of conversation, personal presence and assertiveness, coaching & mentoring, facilitation skills, interview skills, vocal coaching, blogging and social media.

An underlying theme throughout is the story you tell – about yourself, about what you have to offer.

School of Mojo coaching programmes
Individual client coaching is available in any of the areas listed above. You may wish to focus on ONE topic (eg Presentation Skills) or select a number of topics which interest you. We then agree a coaching programme over several weeks that meets those needs.

There are two ways of accessing coaching through the School:

Pay-as-you-Go – simply pay a fee of £125 + VAT per session. Perfect if you know which communication themes you want to explore.

Monthly Mojo – this is where you retain the services of Andrew Thorp for a minimum 6 month period and have access to advice and support for various communication issues, as and when they arise. It’s Mojo on tap! This is ideal where you occasionally get asked to give a speech or presentation, prepare for an interview, chair a meeting or write a proposal. The scope of this support can be agreed at the outset but ‘Monthly Mojo’ is available for as little as £95 + VAT per month.

These programmes are offered face-to-face provided coaching is delivered within reach of the Greater Manchester (UK) area. Otherwise, coaching can be delivered by Skype.

Online support
Our LinkedIn group encourages interaction and knowledge sharing between our coaches, participants and advocates.


For more details about the School of Mojo please contact us: