School of Mojo

SOM panel picThe School of Mojo is where we connect with our broader audience, creating and sharing content and offering support for the wider business community. As the name suggests, Mojo is about helping you find your confidence as a communicator and a professional.

We provide the following under the School of Mojo brand:

Educational Material
Blogs, video, audio clips and other materials (like our MANIFESTO) aimed to help you tell a better story about your product, service or idea. Our LinkedIn group encourages interaction and knowledge sharing between our coaches, participants and advocates.

Individual Coaching
This is distinct from our corporate work where we design and deliver bespoke solutions. Coaching through the School of Mojo is available to any individual looking to invest in their story and communication skills. Typically, we cover:

Presentation skills & public speaking, successful networking, the art of conversation, personal presence and assertiveness, coaching & mentoring, facilitation skills, interview skills, vocal coaching, blogging and social media.

You may wish to focus on ONE topic (eg Presentation Skills) or select a number of topics which interest you. We then agree a coaching programme over several weeks that meets those needs and comprises a number of coaching sessions. Each session costs £125 + VAT and lasts approximately 90 minutes.

These programmes are offered face-to-face provided coaching is delivered within reach of the Greater Manchester (UK) area. Otherwise, coaching can be delivered by Skype.SoM for WP


For more details about individualised coaching through the School of Mojo please contact us: