School of Mojo opens for business

SOM logo6Imagine if your company were twice as attractive as it is now. We’re not talking about aesthetically pleasing - we mean more magnetic, able to attract:

  • attention
  • clients
  • talent
  • support
  • opportunities

The School of Mojo ™ advances the concept of attraction marketing, the ability to PULL people to you and your ideas.

This contrasts with traditional PUSH marketing techniques where you dump a high volume of unremarkable sales messages on an unsuspecting audience, and hope some of it sticks – the type of marketing no one likes to receive!

BGM discussion groupSchool of Mojo ™ Events

The School of Mojo ™ is running a series of events for start-ups, micro business and small SMEs. Lasting approximately two and a half hours, these events are hosted by Andrew Thorp and Sara Knowles, the team behind training company and consultancy Mojo Your Business.

The format of the events is innovative, interactive and collaborative and focuses on the STORY you’re telling about you and your business. Is it compelling? Are you telling it well? Are you leveraging its true value through social media and other channels?

Click here for details of the next School of Mojo ™ event.

Allington quote2With a maximum of 16 delegates, the format is as follows:

Arrive and mingle over coffee, take your seats.

Welcome from Andrew & Sara, each delegate gives a 60 sec introduction.

Introduction to the School of Mojo ™ and Attraction Marketing concepts. We focus in particular on FIVE key strategies/skills for marketing your business:

  • pitching your idea with confidence
  • networking
  • blogging
  • using social media
  • collaboration

Interactive session, TWO randomly selected businesses (drawn from our group) are ‘showcased’ with other delegates suggesting ideas for marketing these two businesses more successfully (making them more attractive). This session is facilitated and the ‘group-think’ approach produces some terrific energy and ideas, with all participants taking something valuable away.

Feedback and analysis.

Summary and next steps.

(Finish approx. 11.30am).

The fee to attend the School of Mojo ™ event (South Manchester, UK) is just £12.95 + VAT.

TO ATTEND PLEASE BOOK (entrance only by pre-booking and upon receipt of fee).

or  PAY BY BACS (no booking fee)
– please email with your invoice details (include your contact name for invoice payments, business name, address, email and phone/mobile number).

You may also want to check out our Brand Builder Programme, for those looking to embed and apply some of the principles of attraction marketing.

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