Mojo Are Go! News on the commercial launch

On 17 August 12 key members of the MojoLife ‘tribe’ gathered for the commercial launch at Cobbetts Solicitors, Manchester (a big thank you to our hosts!). The event provided opportunity for the leadership team to present a review of how the organisation has developed, the vision and business plan and share ideas amongst the team.

MojoLife is many things – it’s a growing movement, a philosophy that embraces entrepreneurship and a mechanism for helping individuals and organisations manage change.

There’s a real sense among the people we talk to that MojoLife has come along at the right time. The recession has encouraged us all to re-evaluate things, either through a gradual dissatisfaction with our lot or from a traumatic experience like redundancy or business collapse. People feel stuck doing work they don’t love, job seekers feel anonymous in a crowded marketplace and business owners are struggling to find and retain customers.

MojoLife offers an alternative approach. Our philosophy is rooted in the word ‘mojo’ – a term meaning self-confidence and attractiveness. Our belief is that when people (and organisations) discover their true purpose and their authentic voice, they come alive and attract opportunities.

Training Options

MojoLife has always been strong on its philosophy, and we now have a wider range of clearly defined products to help people to manage personal and business change in the ‘mojo-way’. This was presented yesterday, and we’ve gathered a remarkable team of talented people who will act as training facilitators, coaches and ambassadors. Here are a few themes we cover:

Finding your purpose (and your ‘why’)
The new world of work
Personal Branding and Building Influence
Pull vs Push Marketing
Positive Psychology
Presenting for Video
Using humour in the workplace

You can see the full list of courses here.

Mojo Live After 5

We also announced the launch of ‘Mojo Live After 5’, evening events that will replace the day time MojoLife Meetups we have been running since January this year. These will build upon the format we have used in Meetups, combining networking with learning content based on the MojoLife philosophy, story sharing and guest speakers.

Inside Out

We talked a lot about what was ‘mojo’ about the courses and other events we offer (this is crucially important for us). The answer: mojolife is an ‘inside-out’ approach. What we mean by this is that lots of people coach above-the-line skills (the mechanics or nuts & bolts) in areas like networking, presenting, interview skills or social media. If you take presenting as an example, focusing on the mechanics (the ‘outside-in’ approach) places pressure on the individual (they’re consciously thinking about where their hands are or how they’re speaking). Their performance can become constricted or, at best, ‘by-the-numbers’.

The MojoLife way is to go to the core – what’s our message? Why do we believe in it so passionately? What does it make us feel? What could it mean for others? This is our initial focus – we want to produce authentic storytellers rather than polished automatons. If poor mechanics compromises the impact of our message, then we’ll focus on that next.

In this respect, MojoLife is about honesty, authenticity and transparency. We like meeting people who love what they do, and know why they do what they do. These people are comfortable in their own shoes. They accept that not everyone will like what they’re about, but as Seth Godin puts it, “you don’t need everyone!”

So how can MojoLife help people?

Let’s focus on 3 key scenarios:

1) People facing career change or seeking work
Push marketing is becoming a broken system. By that we mean playing the numbers game – firing off countless CV’s in the hope that something will transpire. It’s a strategy that sets you up for rejection, and that’s not good for the soul! We’d rather you pulled opportunities to you better. People who attract followers tend to be passionate about their work; they know who they are and what they do for people. They stand out by conveying a strong message about how they are different, and have confidence in their own skills and convictions. MojoLife helps people to properly understand their own value to others, and be able to deliver that story in a compelling way. And when the right people hear your story, they’ll find you!

2) Disengaged or demotivated employees
Employees may feel disempowered and detached from the overall goals of the business. They consider themselves a tiny component in a big machine – anonymous and replaceable.

Yesterday, we presented a mechanism for putting the spark back into a workforce – the Story Club. These clubs encourage people throughout the organisation to talk about their work anecdotally, sharing stories of great client outcomes, problem resolution or ideas to enhance performance. In doing so, employees improve their understanding of their own role and value, learn more of the workings (and inter-dependency) of other departments, improve their communication skills and generate a library of material which gives an organisation a distinctive, vibrant personality.

3) Business owners wishing to attract more clients
If you’ve ever watched TV series like The Hotel Inspector or Mary Queen of Shops (featuring Mary Portas), you’ll have seen businesses that have lost their sense of identity and their mojo. They’ve adopted short term strategies, compromising their brand to the point where the marketplace doesn’t quite know what they are – so customers take their trade elsewhere.

MojoLife helps businesses and organisations define what they’re about, craft that into a compelling story and build a reputation around that core message (using social media, where appropriate). This requires confident leadership, centred around a clear purpose and vision. It’s a Marmite approach to marketing – convey a clear message, accept that you won’t please everybody and you’ll attract the right clients (and employees).

MojoLife – The Vision

With the help of our associates, ambassadors and our many supporters, our intention is to create a global brand based on the MojoLife philosophy – and backed up by training programmes, inspirational learning events and on-line material. We’ve been inspired by the likes of TED Talks and thought leaders like Sir Ken Robinson, Brene Brown, Dan Pink, Seth Godin and Simon Sinek. But we’ve also met people who’d describe themselves as very ordinary…doing extraordinary things. Our plan is to capture and share their stories with you. We want to encourage a new climate that celebrates people’s individuality and embraces creativity and self-leadership, both outside and within organisations. But most of all, we want to help people to redefine their potential, think and act beyond any pre-conceived limits and find renewed purpose and meaning in their work and lives.

And if you like the sound of that, we’d love to hear from you.

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