Marketing is Storytelling

New front Mojo slideMojo Your Business is an award-winning consultancy and training company, specialising in communication. We help SME’s and larger organisations get their message across through their key people, coaching leaders and representatives to tell a great story about their product and business when they’re ‘on show’. We describe this as ‘Verbal PR’.

You may wish to:

  • Stand out from your rivals (your current message is unremarkable).
  • Be more persuasive when you need to be (more ‘conversion’).
  • Have more impact when you meet people.
  • Get your message to spread more effectively.
  • Win over your workforce (eg to drive cultural or strategic change).

If you’ve got a great story to tell and the ability to tell it well, you have every chance of achieving this. But if you’re delivering a bland, factual explanation you’ll leave people cold and unmoved. That’s not a story; it’s just information.

To find out more about the concept of promoting your brand through storytelling download our StorySelling Manifesto.

We work in one of THREE ways:

Keynote speaking

Andrew Thorp, co-founder of Mojo Your Business, is an award-winning speaker and has appeared on many business & educational platforms in the UK and overseas. His specialism is the use of storytelling as a tool for brand communication and internal culture change.

Bespoke consultancy and training

You may want to improve the communication skills of key personnel, devise a content marketing strategy, create some presentation material or develop a fresh business vision. All these require a bespoke solution and this may involve a mixture of consultancy, group training, individual coaching or content creation.

School of MojoSoM for WP

The School of Mojo is an online community of people who like the idea of promoting their ideas through the storytelling approach. It’s a repository for all our blogs, videos and audio content. It’s also the brand through which we offer public workshops and individual coaching, as opposed to our corporate work.

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