Give your team the gift of Business & Career Mojo this festive season

Stories capture hearts and minds and have the power to move, engage and inspire people – in business as well as in other cultural contexts. The Christmas story is one of the most widely told  stories known to humankind. Its perpetuity and resonance is the result of it being told and re-told over many centuries and worldwide. Stories are an ancient form of communication and one of the most useful to us in business today.

Business MOJO for Christmas

MojoLife is offering an opportunity to give your team the gift of business & career mojo.  The success of your business in 2013 can be greatly enhanced by leveraging the power of stories. In a talk delivered at your office (or other event venue) by Andrew Thorp, we will reveal the secrets of successful business storytelling and explain in a light, entertaining and informative way how the stories you tell in 2013 can boost your business and career success.

An unusual gift for your team

Add some spark to the festive season and year ahead by giving the gift of Business & Career Mojo to your team this Christmas at a special event at your office or as part of a pre-organised occasion. Contact us without delay to book your talk – to take place before 21st December 2012 – for just £375+VAT (£300 if booked by 11 December 2012) - available in North West England and North Wales, UK.
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