Elevator Pitches you’re unlikely to hear #3

A business coach uses her 60 seconds well and makes an impression:

“I live in the country and I remember a while back a family of ducks became regular visitors to the house, mainly because we made the mistake of feeding them!

One day 3 ducklings got into the conservatory and I tried to chase them into the garden. Unfortunately, one duckling simply couldn’t find his way out. He kept trying to push his way through the CLOSED patio door rather than the open one next to it. I finally managed to shoosh him out (not before he’d pooped over the floor), but the incident reminded me of my work as a business coach.

Sometimes businesses just can’t get beyond an obstacle even though the answer seems to be quite obvious to someone looking from above. They’re too close to what they do and can’t see the open doorway. So if you feel you’re pushing up against a closed door and not making the progress you’d hoped for, let’s have a chat – my name is Sally Smith, Sally Smith Associates.”

This duckling incident did actually happen a few months ago and it was so frustrating seeing that poor animal trying to push through the window. I guess we’ve all felt at some stage in our lives like we’re pushing against an invisible barrier, so the metaphor is likely to strike a chord with people.

Stuff like this is happening all around you, every day. If you can find some linkage between your observations and a point you’d like to make, you’ll have a never-ending flow of memorable elevator pitches which incorporate a mini-story. It’s amazing what you can pack into 60 seconds!

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