Elevator Pitches you’re unlikely to hear #2

BGM group discussion3(post by Andrew Thorp)

Jim Smith runs a renewable energy company and decided to change his standard 60 second introduction at the local business breakfast group. And because it’s different he gets their full attention!

The other day my 7 year old son asked me, “Daddy, what do you do?”

I said, “Well, I help businesses save money on their fuel bills by installing things like solar panels and modern boilers.”

And then he said, “But we’ve just done something at school about the en-vir-on-ment and Miss Williams says that we were given the planet to look after and that we can’t just keep using up all of the oil and the coal and the gas. So I said that’s what my dad does – he’s helping to save the world.”

Now I would never claim to be saving the world, but my son did remind me that there’s an ethical dimension to what we’re doing in a sustainable energy business. It’s not just about the money – it’s also the right thing to do. And it’s our kids who inherit what we leave behind.

So if you fancy reducing your bills AND doing your bit to save the world, I’d love to have a chat with you.

Jim Smith, XYZ Green Technologies

It’s refreshing to hear a ‘non-conformist’ pitch like this rather than the usual pre-packaged, factual and forgettable version. It still gets across the core message of what he does and the benefits of using his firm, but it’s a more conversational and humanized way of packaging that story. It also contains an ‘emotional pull’ by introducing both the environment and the children’s legacy into the equation.

Are you ready to deliver a more compelling Elevator Pitch?

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