The Elevator Pitch – a better way? (part 1)

BGM group discussion(blog post by Andrew Thorp)

One of the hardest things to do in business (and something which ought, on the face of it, to be really easy) is deliver a great Elevator Pitch. This is the 30-60 second introduction about you and your business that you’re often asked to give, in the ‘around-the-room’ format, at a business breakfast meeting. 

This blog is the first in a new series offering some ‘alternatives’ to the rather bland, factual version we hear week in week out (see also our Brand-Builder Programme for small businesses). You know the type – “Hi, my name is Bill Smith from XYZ Design & Print. We offer a full range of products and services including business cards, letterheads, posters, pull-up banners…..”  It’s not very inspiring is it? 

So here is the first in our series entitled:

“Elevator pitches you’re unlikely to hear (but maybe wish you’d delivered)!”   #1: a Design & Print business

“Hi, my name is Bill Smith from XYZ Design & Print. Three months ago a client came to me with a dilemma – he was sending out leaflets to promote an event at his restaurant but the response was poor. So poor he was thinking about cancelling the event and seriously losing face. This was the leaflet [holds up a blown up version]. We looked at it not just from the design angle but from the end-user’s perspective. Three days later we produced THIS [holds it up – looks slightly different but it’s got some TAPE over the headline] and 4 weeks later our client welcomed 50 people through his door, many of whom have since become regular customers. We made some design tweaks but mostly focused on changing the headline. If you’d like to know what we changed it to that made such a dramatic difference, come and have a chat with me afterwards. We might be able to weave the same kind of magic for YOUR business!” 

You can click below to LISTEN to what that sounds like, but I think you’ll agree it makes an impact. 

I’d highlight a few things here: 

  • Bill told a story rather than factually list what he does.
  • He used props to visually engage the audience and make his point.
  • He held something back and intrigued the audience to WANT to know more – they’re REALLY curious to know what was behind the tape! 

And finally, it also shows that Bill understands the IMPACT his work is having on the client. He set his printing task into CONTEXT through that story, and of course had to find out from his client what the outcome was of his design – although I suspect the client could barely contain phoning him about the result! 

If you want to know HOW to create a story for your business that gets people to LFL – that’s ‘Lean Forward & Listen’, click here for details of our special Brand-Builder Programme.

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