Communicating your distinctiveness

Ten tips to boost your BUSINESS MOJO

1. People are overwhelmed with sales messages these days. Don’t make advertising the price you pay for having a bland, factual message. Give people more reasons to choose you rather than your one of your rivals.

2. If you make your product or service better, and tell that story better, you’ll begin to stand out. Your product becomes your marketing. ‘Good’ doesn’t get people talking. Being ‘remark-able’ does (it means ‘worth talking about’).

3. Most USPs are actually CSPs – Common Selling Points! There’s nothing unique in claiming to offer personal service – everyone says that. It’s much better to communicate the things which ARE unique in your company: your people, the relationships they have and the stories they generate.

4. Stories provide social proof. They’re an example of ‘show rather than tell’. You’re not asking your audience to believe your claim to be good at something. The proof is in the story – you leave it to them to respond to it (emotionally) and then decide. Develop a library of great stories and learn to tell them well. Make this part of how you present yourself to clients and prospects. Most of your rivals won’t be doing this.

5. People pass on great stories you’ve generated. They become an unpaid sales force. Make it easy for them to do this by crafting your stories, considering how they can be shared and providing links via social media.

6. People don’t trust slick, polished sales messages any more. Nowadays, we place a higher value on things like openness, authenticity and ethics. That’s why we like to know who we’re dealing with and what you stand for. This should be communicated through everything you do – e.g. in your behaviours in the workplace (both back of house and front of house), your website and social media platforms.

7. Things like your Corporate Social Responsibility work, the charity fund-raisers you run or the awards your people win outside work are relevant – they all convey a sense of who you are and the values you hold. Carefully consider your CSR policy and how it relates to your brand values and, more importantly, behaviours.

8. Learn to use the self-publishing capabilities of the internet (Web 2.0). Use video, podcasts and blogging to communicate what you know and stand for. But say things that are worth listening to and present them to convey the best possible version of who you are.

9. It’s not always about you. Sometimes it’s good to talk about what others are doing. Celebrate the successes of clients, promote other people’s events and be seen as a connector and a positive voice in the business community.

10. Your brand is really the result of all the accumulated experiences people have of you. Think about when and how you touch other people’s lives and strive to make those moments as positive and memorable as possible.

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