How do you become a world-class mentor?

I was strolling around Waterstones the other week (in the business and self-help section as usual!) and came across a familiar name and face -David C M Carter. Was it the same chap I used to work for when I spent 22 years in the leisure industry?

Indeed it was, and David has now become one of the world’s leading mentors, coaching an exclusive number of clients from the world of business, philanthropy and entertainment. His book ‘Breakthrough’ has become a best-seller and contains many useful tips and insights, mostly from his own personal experiences in banking, finance, leisure and personal mastery.

We arranged a Skype interview, and I’ve included it here in three parts. If you want to learn more about David’s work and philosophy on mentoring and personal development, click here.

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2
Interview Part 3

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