Bank of Wisdom

Established and curated by Andrew Thorp, the Bank of Wisdom is an online collection of people’s experiences, and the lessons they’ve learned. Like a bank, it allows you to make deposits and withdrawals. But in this case, the currency is stories, and the value is wisdom!

Quite simply, we invite people to submit a short story in the form of an audio file. The story should relate to a specific incident, rather than a broad reflection on a period of your life. The idea is that we all learn from experiences, but by tapping into each other’s experiences the learning is compounded.

Featured Story

To submit a story of your own, contact ‘Andrew’ via his business address He’ll explain how it works.

We’re especially interested in stories which contain the following themes:
Resilience, inspiration, courage, team work, creativity, discovery, humour, marketing & communication and leadership.